Reasons To Join

  1. Do you have all the business you need? The kind of work you love for clients who are easy going and make payments on time?
  2. Do you currently staff a full time business consultant experienced in all aspects of estimating, marketing, sales, PR, coding laws, etc.?
  3. Do you have time to stay up to date and current on trends, laws, products, building codes and everything else that you need to know to run your business?
  4. Do you like to constantly reinvent the wheel?

National Benefits

Set your company apart from the competition

  • Obtain Advanced Certifications for contractors, lead carpenters, and other specializations.
  • Stay up to date on media relations tips and press releases on remodeling with NARI’s bi-monthly magazine and e-newsletter.
  • Get access to discounted consumer marketing tools, including guides such as “How to Select a Remodeling Professional” or “Protect Your Family From Lead”.
  • Receive current information about how legislation affects your business.

Promote your company to remodelers

  • Get a free business listing on the NARI National website.
  • Become a part of NARI’s high-profile public relations program that promotes NARI and its members.
  • Get information on chapter trade and consumer shows.

Get noticed within the industry

  • Increase your professional credibility with a membership in the only independent association dedicated to the remodeling industry.
  • Become eligible for local, regional and national awards through NARI’s Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards Program which highlights leaders in the industry.
  • Promote your business with the NARI logo, your membership certificate and the NARI Code of Ethics.

Reduce your cost of doing business

  • Access group purchasing discount programs at retailers such as Home Depot and Chrysler among others.
  • Save on informational books, software and services to help your business.

Interact with other remodeling companies

  • Access to networking events on the local and national level, including two national Board Meetings and the “Evening of Excellence”.
  • Participate in community service projects to increase awareness about your business.

Local Benefits

Showcase your company

  • Increase professional credibility with membership to an organization dedicated to serving the community in which you work.
  • Promote your business as part of the only organization dedicated to the remodeling industry.
  • Access to local classified ads and for sale ads as well as awards.
  • Get listed on the NARI-BIE website along with NARI National.
  • Become eligible for a listing in the NARI-BIE Consumer Guide and Business Directory.

Utilize programs and enhance your business

  • Make use of the NARI logo.
  • Receive the monthly newsletter and get ideas for your own newsletter.
  • Become part of our Consumer Referral Service.

Increase your knowledge

  • Meet and learn from industry professionals who speak at Membership Dinners.
  • Attend educational seminars—Green Remodeling, Universal Design, etc.
  • Obtain Professional Certifications to expand your knowledge.

Get involved and put your business in the spotlight

  • Eligibility for sponsorship opportunities.
  • Discounted rates for booths at consumer trade shows.
  • Participate in Remodeled Homes Tours.
  • Get media exposure by helping with Community Service Projects

Increase your company’s visibility

  • Attend monthly meetings and social events
  • Increase interactions with other professionals in the industry.
  • Get mentioned in monthly newsletter.